Commissioned Portraits

Painting portraits by commission constitutes a large proportion of my work and has develop mainly through recommendation.


I specialise and enjoy painting members of a family or their animals. I love working with Oils or Pastels to bring out subtle facial expressions and features. With animals I like to identify their strengths in movement and recreate this vision on canvas or paper. I normal work from photos and often prefer to visit the subject and take the shots myself.


I will be very happy to discuss any requirements personally. Please contact me by phone or email

Poodle in Pastel -1
Jack & Spaniel in Pastel -1
French bulldog & Pug friends in Pastel
Fluffy - in Pastel-1
IMG_5911 (2)



I just wanted to tell thank you so much for the incredible realistic painting of my dog Buster!!!

It is him!... You captured him completely! And I was stunned ehen I opened the package.. It was my Buster! You have an incredible talent girl! And I will do my best to get my friends ... and every pet owner I know and meet to have you commissioned by them.

A very big thank you!


Lucinda McAlpine :

I commissioned Miranda Pothecary to do a drawing in pastels of my foal, Bowhayes Born Free. The result was amazing as she managed to capture the essence of his character as well as his looks which is an extraordinary talent. I would highly recommend her for animal portraiture work.


June Eckhart :

"Miranda painted a portrait of my haflinger mare Farrer in 2011. I have many great professional photographs of her, this was the first painting. This particular image, above all others seems to capture the real essence of her personality. It is not just a good painting of a pony or haflinger, it is Farrer, her character shines through. The attention to detail is truly impressive in the painting, markings, colouring, veins etc all so life-like, a painting I will treasure for the rest of my life. "


Juliette Hellman

"The picture Miranda did of my black pug and faithful Roo (half lab, half cocker) is absolutely wonderful.  A true likeness of two characters.  Everyone that sees it is blown away by the intensity and depth.

She has grasped both perfectly and it is a joy every day to come downstairs and see it."